Fuck Off Unicorn Photo Series

25.00 - 35.00

Here is a photo series of the unicorn in it’s natural habitat.

3 photos taken at different times..

1 : Unstained Mattress Photo
2 : Kettle on Fridge Photo
3 : Unwanted Wooden Cabinet Photo

Unicorn street art photographs taken in the beautiful area of Neukölln Berlin where trash and dirt is part of daily life.

Size : A4 x 200 mm x 300 mm

Size : A3 x 300 mm x 400 mm

Orientation: Landscape Photo 1
Orientation: Portrait. Photo 2 and 3

Paper : Paper : 250gsm Quality Textured paper, stamped with a roydraws original stamp.

All photographs are packed flat and wrapped in personalised acid free paper.