People Are Idiots Photo Series

25.00 - 95.00

People Are Idiots Unicorn Photo Series

Here is a photo series of the unicorn in it’s natural habitat.

3 photos taken at different times same door, someone replied to the people are idiots and wrote NOT, people are not idiots was then painted over, it was then repainted to remind people that people are in fact still idiots.

Unicorn street art photographs taken in the beautiful area of Neukölln Berlin where trash and dirt is part of daily life.

Size : A4 x 200 mm x 300 mm

Size : A3 x 300 mm x 400 mm

Orientation: Landscape

Paper : Paper : 250gsm Quality Textured paper, stamped with a roydraws original stamp.

All photographs are packed flat and wrapped in personalised acid free paper.