Roy Draws is more interested in the world than in the art world. This is perhaps one of the most amusing qualities in her work and one of the reasons fans start to pay attention to the newcomer.  Borrowing from pop culture, street art, music and the absurdity of everyday life - Draws’ faces the paper entirely devoid of pretension. 

While visually loud and whimsical, Draws' work is paradoxically subtle and precise in its interweaving of key themes. She often boils down motifs to one word or one single image and leaves them plonked on the page with boisterous humour. This is work that sits on the proverbial fence and pushes the limits of categorization because Draws is not fundamentally interested in whether she's an artist or an illustrator, "I want to create work that people can relate to".  Her work is indeed at the core relational, at once about the relationship between childhood, adulthood, cynicism and humour.


"A false naive." 

Beware! Magazine