Who am I? 

Roy is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin. Despite the name Roy, the rumours are true and she is in fact a young-ish woman. 

Roy Studied Illustration at The University of the West of England in Bristol and spent a semester studying visual communication at Udk in Berlin.

After graduating she moved to Berlin where she currently resides, drawing on public bathroom walls and doodling in her bedroom. She releases her works only in small numbers and limited editions. 

Since moving to Berlin Roy has been working on her own projects, including a sausage themed exhibition which is officially "The Wurst Exhibition Ever",  a book titled "The Lesbian English Dykionary", and a comic about a sad lonely biscuit  - "Biscuit Boy".  Roy's commitment to the sausage theme goes a long way and she now spends most of her free time looking after her best pal Elvis the dachshund. 


be kind 45 copy.jpg